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Denmark traditionally places a high priority on films for children and youth and acknowledges a child's right to experience artistic reflection on the realities of life. We believe that the best of cinema stirs and moves the heart and mind.


Danish film policy consistently aims to develop a film culture for children. Since 1982, the Danish Film Act has dedicated at least 25% of all government film subsidies to films for children and youth. This has had an enormous impact – on output, consistency and quality. Storytelling from a child’s perspective, solid production values and original stories are key. 

On this site you can read about the DFI's key initiatives for children and young people:

  • Financial support for producing and launching feature films, short films and documentaries
  • Non-commercial distribution - via online streaming - of films to libraries and schools
  • Film education
  • A regional school cinema scheme
  • Teaching materials and study guides
  • General consultancy services for teachers and the film industry on media education and films for children
  • The DFI-run Cinematheque in Copenhagen shows a wide variety of cinema classics and new films. There are free screenings for pre-school children
  • FILM-X - a computer-based, interactive film studio where children can explore the world of film and experiment withthe various aspects of film production
  • FILM-Y: a mobile version of the FILM-X studio
  • Financial support for organisations and activities in the field of films for children and youth

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