The Media Council for Children and Young People in Denmark

The Council holds two tasks: Classification of films for children under the age of 15 and information about children and young people's digital life and use of the Internet and mobile devices. 


Photo: Christine Louw Nielsen

The Media Council for Children and Young People was set up by the Minister of Culture in 1997 and today it is part of the Danish Film Institute. According to the Danish Film Act No. 189 from 12 March 1997, the primary task of the Media Council is to classify films for children under the age of 15.

Moreover, the council also works as the Danish Awareness Centre and is obliged to inform about children and young people's use of films, computer games and digital media on the internet and mobile devices.


Claus Hjorth
Head of office
+ 45 2261 5381

Lisbeth Brunebjerg Holmegaard
Project Manager
+45 33743607

Lone Hejlskov Munkeberg
Project Manager
+45 3374 3602

Diana Bjørn Milenkovic
Project Manager
+45 3374 3479

Stine Nørgaard
Film and Classification Coordinator
+ 45 3374 3601

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