About FILM-X

FILM-X is the Danish Film Institute's computer based, interactive film studio for children and adolescents.


FILM-X, the interactive film studio at the Danish Film Institute, gives kids a chance to experience how a film is made. Discover your potential as director, actor or editor. Play around with a wealth of movie-making effects and let your imagination run wild, as you and your crew produce your very own film.

Burn rubber in a Mini Cooper car chase, dodge hungry dinosaurs in the city streets or court a princess in a fairytale castle. You have ample opportunities to tell your story in FILM-X's three film studios. Using virtual sets, green screens and rear projection, you shoot and act in your own short films.

Try stop-motion technology in the animation studios and make a film from scratch – the sky’s the limit! After your visit, you can continue working on your animated film at home.

After films have been shot, each group works in a studio with sound recordings. Pre-produced clips of sounds and images are added during the editing process. The completed film will be available for you to screen online.

All visits conclude with a screening of everyone’s films in the FILM-X cinema.

Who can visit FILM-X?

Skoletjenesten and the DFI offer sessions at FILM-X for schools and kindergartens. Choose between a range of different courses tailored to common school objectives and teaching plans.

Private individuals can book events, big and small, for children and teens aged 7-18.

Companies can book teambuilding events.

Teachers can get an introduction to the practical work of filmmaking – at FILM-X or at schools.

Prices and opening hours

Families and groups with children

Saturday and Sunday:
12:00-14:30 - large groups (15-28 persons).
Booking: dfi.dk/film-x-booking
Price: 15-20 persons 900 kr., 21-25 persons 1100 kr., 26-28 persons 1200 kr.

Saturday and Sunday:
15:15-17:45 - all groups (max 28 persons at a time).
Booking: +45 3374 3412
Price: 45 kr. per person

Shool visits - one class with up to 28 pupils per visit

Tuesday: 9-16 (two groups per day)
Wednesday and Friday: 9:15-12:15 and 13:00-16:00
Thursdag: 10:00-15:00
Booking: dfi.dk/film-x-booking

Price, 3/5 hours
1-10 pupils: 500/650 kr. + moms
11-20 pupils: 600/750 kr. + moms
21-28 pupils: 700/850 kr. + moms

Preschool - one group with up to 6 kids

Thursday 10:00-11:00
Booking: dfi.dk/film-x-booking

Price: 100 kr. + moms

Companies and teachers can book visits starting from 16:15 tuesday to friday.

Mondays: Closed


You can contact our staff by mail or by phone +45 33743669 Monday from 11-12 and Thursday from 14-15.

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