Film literacy

The Children & Youth department at the DFI is responsible for a range of activities in the field of film education.


Children in the editing booth in FILM-X

Danish schools have a longstanding tradition for using films in the classroom. For years, the DFI have played an important part in helping teachers and pupils gain access to quality films and educational materials.

The possibility for children to experience, understand, and create films is central to the DFI strategy.

Among the DFI activities are:

  • Online streaming of films to schools in Denmark. More than 1600 films, mainly short fiction and documentaries, are streamed via The DFI has distributed films to schools since the 1930's.
  • A regional school cinema scheme (“Med Skolen i Biografen”) that covers 80 % of Denmark.
  • FILM-X – a computer-based, interactive film studio for children situated at the DFI in Copenhagen. 
  • Teaching materials and study guides - available for free download at
  • General consultancy services for teachers on film and media education and children’s films.
Fighter_Foto_Sebastian_WinteroeClick image to download an English language study guide to the Danish youth film "Fighter" (Natasha Arthy, 2007)

More info

Filmcentralen ( is the DFI's online film service for the education sector in Denmark. The purpose of the service is to promote the use of film in the classroom and raise the quality of film appreciation and film education efforts in Danish schools.

Filmcentralen - fact sheet (pdf)

Film Literacy Initiatives is an information booklet about film education in Europe. First edition published June 2014.

Film Literacy Initiatives (pdf)


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