Filmcentralen/Undervisning (Filmcentralen/Education) is the Danish Film Institute’s online film service aimed directly at education. The service includes a large archive of films for streaming and a wide selection of educational ressources.

Filmcentralen grundskolen forside

The purpose of the service is to promote the use of film in the classroom and raise the quality of film-appreciation and film-education efforts in schools. The service includes around 1,600 shorts and documentaries, more than 500 teaching materials and a number of
other teaching resources for elementary schools and high schools. Approx. 650,000 films were streamed in 2015.

Filmcentralen/Undervisning is funded by schools’ subscription fees. More than 2,100 institutions of learning have taken out a subscription to the service. Accordingly, more than 90% of elementary and high schools have access to the service.

Filmcentralen/Undervisning is developed in order to maximise availability and usability in the classroom. Search options have been greatly improved and the site has a number of new features developed directly for use by educators. For instance, teachers and students can make their own playlists of films, clips and stills and share content with students and colleagues.



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