The DFI Film Archive

The DFI Film Archive holds an extensive collection of films which are screened at the DFI Cinematheque and made available to organisations and festivals through loans. This gives today's audiences a chance to experience world cinema dating back to the very beginnings of film history up until the latest digital releases.


It all started with two large boxes ... on the roof of Denmark's first film museum which was set up in 1941.

This was the beginning of the DFI Film Archive, and the collection of cinema prints quickly outgrew the two boxes and were moved to empty wartime bunkers outside Copenhagen.

Today, more than 40,000 titles make up the collection. The main part is located in large storage spaces in Glostrup on the outskirts of Copenhagen, while the oldest and most fragile reels are stored at minus 5 degrees celcius in a large underground nitrate archive near the city of Hillerød.

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