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Welcome to one of the world's most extensive collections of film stills and posters, located at the Filmhouse, central Copenhagen. Take a journey through the online National Filmography and watch a century of Danish film history unfold.


Image from Dagur Kári and Nimbus Film's awardwinning "Dark Horse"/"Voksne Mennesker" starring Nicolas Bro (left) and Bodil Jørgensen (right). Photo by Henrik Ohsten Rasmussen.

The DFI Archive, part of the Danish Film Institute, holds more than two million stills and over 20,000 posters. The collection embraces almost every film, indigenous or foreign, screened in Danish cinemas, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

Visitors to the Archive

If you are living in Copenhagen or merely on a short stay, pay a visit to the Archive. Ask to see the still photographs of a film of your choice. At the Archive in Gothersgade, central city, you can

  • Examine the collections
  • Order copies of still images and posters
  • Visit the current exhibition
  • Seek advice on the preservation or publication of stills and posters

The Stills & Poster Archive is a museum, so all collections must be handled with the utmost of care, and cannot be photocopied or lent out.

Search the Danish Film Database

You may begin your search for stills and posters in the Danish Film Database, an online database containing some 50,000 images from the silent era to the present day. This material includes

  • Portraits of Danish actors, actresses and film directors
  • Film stills
  • Posters is an alternative gateway to the entire collection and can only be accessed through special permission from this Archive. Note, however, that this gateway only permits viewing of the collections. 



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