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Statistics Denmark, the national bureau of statistics, provides statistical information on the Danish cinema sector. Here are some useful shortcuts to film data on their website.


Number of cinema tickets sold

Search Statistics Denmark's database for number of tickets sold to any film with a Danish release from 1976 onward: Number of cinema tickets sold 

The search fields are in Danish – a few tips:

Titelsprog Danske titler = Search by Danish title
Titelsprog Originale titler = Search by original title
Startbogstav = Search by first letter of title
Søgeord på titlen = Search by any words in title
Nationalitet = Nationality
Premiereår = Release year
Sorter efter = Sort by

Admission 1976 onward

All films in Danish cinemas 1976-2016

Other tables on films and admissions

These links access the Danish versions. Click flag to get the tables in English:

Danish cinemas, screens and seating capacity by size of cinema (1980-onward)  
Movies and tickets by nationality (1980-onward) 
Movies, tickets and sale by target group, year and nationality (2007-onward)
Cinemas key figures by region and size of cinema (2010-onward)
Films and tickets, by target group, censorship and nationality (2007-onward)


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