The Danish Film Institute supports the development and production of Danish films and supports international coproductions. We also hold support schemes for the promotion, exhibition and distribution of films.


Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" received production support from DFI's Film Commissioner Programme. Photo: Zentropa

Film production and film development are DFI's main subsidy areas. We strive to promote diversity and risk-willingness in the industry by offering a variety of gateways to production support, by highlighting talent development, by keeping a sharp eye on new digital platforms, and by encouraging international co-production partnerships. We also have a longstanding tradition for supporting children and youth films, an area to which 25% of all subsidies are allocated.

We work within a plan-of-action, the Film Agreement, an accord reached between parties in the Danish parliament. This agreement sets out in broad strokes guidelines for a four year period.

Types of production support

Feature films 

Short fiction & documentary films

  • Film Commissioner Programme (including minor coproduction) Support for films of artistic merit

New Danish Screen

  • Fiction Talent development programme
  • Documentary Talent development programme


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