International Co-productions


How to Co-produce with Denmark

What kind of funding is available in Denmark for co-productions, what are the requirements for applying? Here are a few straight answers.


Hitting the mark internationally


COLLABORATION. Danish producers are increasingly aiming to find original projects when looking for international partners, says Noemi Ferrer Schwenk, international producer at the Danish Film Institute. As the success of 'The Square,' 'Thelma' and the two other Nordic Oscar candidates shows, they are hitting the mark.


Co-producing with the Nordic Region

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have a strong tradition for co-producing. Read on for guidelines.


Claus Ladegaard Is the Danish Film Institute’s New CEO

Claus Ladegaard Is the Danish Film Institute’s New CEO

05.12.17The DFI Board has decided to appoint Claus Ladegaard as its new CEO starting 1 January 2018.
First Film from 41Shadows

First Film from 41Shadows

30.11.17IN PRODUCTION. Thomas Borch Nielsen and Kirsten Skytte in November started filming their adaptation of Bjarne Reuter’s 'Kaptajn Bimse & Goggeletten,' the first Danish feature film production from 4...
Two Danish debut features selected for Sundance

Two Danish debut features selected for Sundance

30.11.17FESTIVAL. Gustav Möller's 'The Guilty' and Isabella Eklöf's 'Holiday' are making their world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The two debut features will be competing in the World...
Danish WWI drama set to shoot

Danish WWI drama set to shoot

27.11.17NEW FEATURE. Kasper Torsting is helming Fridthjof Film’s new epic drama 'War & Love,' based on a true story from World War I.Filmtilknytninger: Kasper Torsting 154429. Ronnie Fridthjof 151175. Fri...



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