International Co-productions


How to Co-produce with Denmark

What kind of funding is available in Denmark for co-productions, what are the requirements for applying? Here are a few straight answers.


Danes in co-productions

24.08.16CO-PRODUCTIONS. With several major international festivals lined up, Danish filmmakers are flagging their latest co-production endeavours undertaken with Mexico, Sweden, Bulgaria, Austria and more. Get the full picture below.

Co-producing with the Nordic Region

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have a strong tradition for co-producing. Read on for guidelines.


Nominees for the industry's Robert Awards

Nominees for the industry's Robert Awards

13.01.17ROBERT 2017. Horror in the L.A. fashion world, communal living in the 1970s and tyranny in a 1960s boarding school – the Danish Film Academy reveal their choices for this year's Robert Awards nomin...
The Commune and Parents at the Fore in Bodil Awards

The Commune and Parents at the Fore in Bodil Awards

12.01.17BODIL 2017. Of the five films running for best Danish film, no less than three are first features. Top scorer in this year's nominations for the Danish critics' Bodil Awards is Thomas Vinterberg's...
"I Have a Very Quick Pace in My Life"

"I Have a Very Quick Pace in My Life"

11.01.17INTERVIEW. Charlotte Sieling has directed Danish television series like "Unit 1," "The Killing" and "The Bridge" and has greatly enjoyed her work on American shows. Making "The Man" was a passion p...
Charlotte Sieling's The Man to Göteborg

Charlotte Sieling's The Man to Göteborg

11.01.17FESTIVAL. Feature films, documentaries, TV drama and short films – Danish film is widely represented at this year's big Nordic festival in Gothenburg, which kicks off on 27 January. Among the films...
January at the Cinematheque

January at the Cinematheque

22.12.16CINEMATHEQUE. Put some spark into your film choices for January with Dirty Harry Callahan, or get your head spinning with the master of paradox, David Lynch. If you are in Copenhagen, read on to fi...



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