German-Danish Co-production Development Initiative

Development support for German Danish co-productions


Eva Hubert, CEO of the German film fund Förderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Claus Ladegaard, Head of Production and Development at The Danish Film Institute, sign the German-Danish Co-production Development Initiative in Hamburg on 27.08.2014.

Purpose of the Funding Scheme

In order to encourage the cooperation of producers in the region of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and those in Denmark the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish Film Institute have agreed to support the development of German-Danish film projects that have the potential to develop into high quality films aimed at national and international audiences. Therefore the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig Holstein and the Danish Film Institute have initiated a co-development agreement, which will run over an initial trial period of three years.


  • Each year 3 treatments for full length feature films can be funded with a maximum amount of €35.000 per project.
  • The project must be developed by a Danish producer and a producer based in Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.
  • The projects must be of high artistic quality.
  • The projects must be aimed at a cinema release in both Germany and Denmark.
  • The participation of the majority co-producer should not exceed 80% and the participation of the minority producer not be lower than 20%


The application can only be submitted by a Danish producer or a producer based in the region of Hamburg Schleswig Holstein.

Selection Process

The selection will be made by a panel consisting of delegates appointed by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and The Danish Film Institute. The projects will be assessed based on the following basis:

  • creative strength
  • balanced creative and technical collaboration
  • potential for raising balanced German and Danish production financing
  • potential to attract audiences in Germany and Denmark
  • potential to attract audiences and generate sales  in the rest of the world

Applications are submitted electronically to and as one hard-copy to the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein and have to be received 16th of March 2015 before 12 noon.

Regarding information, guidelines and application form, please check the right column on this website.

Application Form
German Danish Co-Development Agreement

25. October 2017, noon

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