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New Danish Screen shall promote and inspire the development of film language and storytelling, so that Danish cinema will sustain and strengthen its dynamics and diversity. It must be ensured that new generations of filmmakers do not fall back on conventional, handed-down forms but continually strive to push the limits and create new experiences for audiences, whether they are found in cinemas or in front of the TV screen. The subsidy scheme should know how to utilise the energy and direction of talents rather than guide them in certain directions.

Film formats and genres

New Danish Screen subsidises research or screenplay development, project development and production of documentary and fiction-film projects in the following formats: under 10 minutes, 24-28 minutes, 38-42 minutes, 52-58 minutes and +75 minutes.

In essence, all options are open in terms of film/video formats and genres. As a guiding principle, the projects should be suitable for allowing applicants to test out new ideas and should push them a step further in their approach to filmic storytelling.

There are no strict genre limitations. Experiments with form, concept development, hybrid forms of fiction and documentary, etc., all qualify for subsidies, as long as the quality is sufficiently high. Conventional thinking is not a priority.

Target group

New Danish Screen funds are available to new talents working on the professional level as well as to more experienced filmmakers. What counts is enabling manifested talents to grow, test out new ideas or change tack from past productions. Accordingly, the subsidy scheme is only an option in certain phases of an applicant’s professional career.

New Danish Screen targets not just the product but also the talents behind the product. The talents must have done works that show their special abilities and make it possible to assess what they can bring to Danish cinema. In turn, applicants must show that they have something at stake, that the project is interesting in itself and suited to promoting the individual filmmaker’s momentum.

New Danish Screen is directed at initiatives from new groupings and companies as well as from the established production environment.


New Danish Screen is not about made-to-order films. The conceived films must spring from initiatives in the production environment. New Danish Screen simply provides better opportunities for realising those initiatives on the professional level. The basic investment is provided by New Danish Screen.

Only projects that are conceived and designed as low-budget projects will be considered for subsidies. It is essential that as large a part of the budget as possible be spent on work involving the special abilities that the talents wish to further. Projects may be rejected if the designated financial and production framework prioritises general filmic quality above the project’s unique qualities.

In granting production subsidies, New Danish Screen sets no requirement for additional financing, although applicants must document the feasibility of realising their projects within the given financial framework.

Should a project’s budget exceed New Danish Screen’s grant limits, additional financing must be documented before a subsidy application can be processed.


The films must be made in the professional production environment, within the available constellations, with established or new production companies as partners. Any standard production format can be employed. While production crews should obviously be of a sufficient size, there are no general requirements for crew size or composition.


All films subsidised by New Danish Screen will be broadcast on DR and/or TV2. If a film obtains theatrical distribution, that is, if a distribution deal or guarantee of theatrical distribution has been made, an individual holdback on TV broadcasting will be established. If the film is shown a few times only in a single cinema, there will conversely be no holdback on broadcasting.

New Danish Screen does not grant funds to 35mm blow-up of subsidised projects.

Application processing

Processing is handled by New Danish Screen’s artistic management (two editors, one of whom is also the department head), plus a producer and a project coordinator.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis.

Applications must be addressed to New Danish Screen, not to any specific editor. The two editors divide submitted applicants among themselves. If one editor rejects an application, the other editor is informed and may take up the project and give a second, independent opinion.

Reapplication with a rejected project can only be made, if the project has undergone significant further development since the initial application was made. Reapplications will be processed like first-time applications in terms of processing time.

The New Danish Screen producer conducts a parallel assessment of the project’s production, technical and financial aspects, which is included in the overall foundation for decision-making.

Projects that are prioritised for development and/or production subsidies must be preapproved by the New Danish Screen Steering Committee. Subsequently, the artistic management and the producer together can recommend the project for formal approval by DFI management.



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