Chronological list of all FILM#Magazine articles.

A Visual Footprint in Time
MASTERS. In his autobiographical essay film Déjà Vu, Jon Bang Carlsen mirrors his life story in clips from the more than 40 films he has made in a variety of genres since 1973.
Tackling a Taboo
PARADOCS. Olmo and the Seagull delves into the intimacy of pregnancy in a partly dramatised story of Olivia and Serge, both actors at Paris' famous Théâtre du Soleil, as they are expecting their first child.
Life on a Refugee Ship
BEST OF FESTS. Fleeing Sarajevo with his family in 1992, Vladimir Tomic spent two years on a refugee ship in Denmark. Flotel Europa is the director's personal story about a boy trying to live a normal life in a place far from normal.
When Frailty Arrives
INTERVIEW. In Man Falling Anne Wivel turns her camera on her friend, the world-renowned painter Per Kirkeby, who is struggling to get back to work after he fell down the stairs and hit his head, which cost him the ability to recognise colours, his own works, even his own wife. Lotte Thorsen has spoken to the highly esteemed Danish documentarist about the personal portrait.
Salimah Standing Strong
KIDS&DOCS. How do you cope when you're 10 and travel halfway around the globe to live with the father you barely know? Katrine Philp's Home Sweet Home tells the story of Salimah from Myanmar and her struggle to find her feet in a new culture as teenage life approaches.
The Ultimate Modern Woman
INTERVIEW. One-time beauty queen, mother of three, tough-as-nails defence attorney in Kabul – Kimberley Motley's complexity fascinated director Nicole N. Horanyi. In Motley's Law, she tracks the American lawyer's day-to-day life of human rights cases, physical threats and parent-teacher meetings on Skype.
Settling In
INTERVIEW. What does it mean for a child to be on the run? How do you make a home for yourself in a new country? Andreas Koefoed's At Home in the World provides a different perspective on refugees than the one we usually get from the media.
We Are All Abnormal
INTERVIEW. Christian Sønderby Jepsen's Natural Disorder tracks journalist and comedian Jacob Nossell as he searches for the meaning of life for someone with cerebral palsy. FILM met with the director and his protagonist to talk about how the film challenges our notions of what it means to be "normal."
Adi Rukun is "Unforgettable"
THE LOOK OF SILENCE. What do Amy Winehouse, Iris Apfel, and Adi Rukun have in common? They are all "Unforgettables," Cinema Eye's list of this year's most notable and significant nonfiction film subjects – from the films Amy, Iris and The Look of Silence, respectively.
Life in a Chinese Orphanage
NEW FILM. Kaspar Astrup Schröder's Learning to Forget captures two years at a Beijing orphanage, where children of convicts are trying to find their feet in the world.
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