Chronological list of all FILM#Magazine articles.

Homegrown Rocket Science
NEW FILM. Max Kestner's Amateurs in Space is the story of one of the greatest dreams of humankind and how to make it come true in your own way.
Chinese Dreamland
NEW FILM. David Borenstein takes us inside the Chinese housing bubble and its dazzling illusionism.
Eat a Bug and Save the Planet
NEW FILM. Andreas Johnsen travels the world in Bugs to explore the cultural and environmental aspects of insect-eating.
Co-productions in Competition
IDFA 2015. Zanbo Zhang's The Road and Tom Fassaert's A Family Affair, two films selected for IDFA's feature-length competition, show the fruit of Danish filmmakers working with their peers in China and The Netherlands.
Tales about Sports Kids
IDFA 2015. Three Scandinavian production companies have joined forces to create Sports Kids, a series of six sports-oriented documentaries for children.
Jørgen Leth and Pelota II
IDFA 2015. Danish auteur filmmaker Jørgen Leth and Spanish anthropologist Olatz González Abrisketa take us into the world of the Basque ballgame pelota in Pelota II, presented in the Masters section.
Shining a Light on Facebook
NEW FILM. Jakob Gottschau's Facebookistan examines the paradox of our number one social media: encouraging us to share, it doesn’t share back.
Doing a Lot with a Little
ACTOR PROFILE. The prototype of an all-round character actor with an international career, David Dencik in recent years has worked with stars like Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman. Find out more about Dencik and his films, including 2015's "Men & Chicken."
Kings of Cringe
NEW FILM. As we await the premiere of Mikkel Nørgaard's Klown Forever, FILM asked Todd Brown, programmer of one of America's foremost genre film festivals, about the Klown brand's particular sense of humour.
True Stories
Three new documentary films each follow an individual on a mission.
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