Chronological list of all FILM#Magazine articles.

Danish Girl in Copenhagen
INDUSTRY STORY. Over a few weeks in March, the Danish capital formed the backdrop for the shooting of Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl, a venture backed by Copenhagen Film Fund.
United in Death
Jeppe Rønde is bringing out his first fiction feature, Bridgend, a story based on a real-life wave of teen suicides in Bridgend County, South Wales. Over six years, the director made frequent visits to Wales to get close to the local youth and try to answer the question on everyone's mind: Why did they do it?
Antboy hits again
Ask Hasselbalch is upping the ambition in the sequel to his hit children's film Antboy from 2013 while sticking to his credo of meeting his audience at eye level. In Antboy – Revenge of the Red Fury, our young superhero has grown into a teenager who falls in love for the first time.
Growing up on a refugee ship
Fleeing Sarajevo with his family in 1992, Vladimir Tomic spent two years on a refugee ship in Denmark. In Flotel Europa, the director juxtaposes VHS footage shot by the Bosnians living on the ship with his personal story about a 12-year-old boy trying to live a normal life in a place far from normal.
Acting Is the Ultimate Freedom
Straight out of acting school he landed a starring role in the major Danish feature Itsi Bitsi and a place of honour as Shooting Star in Berlin. Things are moving quickly for Joachim Fjelstrup. Indeed, the 27-year-old rising star is an actor who knows what he can do and what he wants with his craft.
Travelling with a Dead Man

It is necessary to get close to death to learn to truly live? Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm asks that question in his lyrical first feature In Your Arms, about a woman accompanying a man on his final journey.

No Age Limit on Desire
Michael Noer would like to see more true depictions of old age. Both when it is raw and dark and when it's bubbling over with desire and exuberance, like any other time of life. Noer captures that tension in Key House Mirror, the story of a woman who finds love in her autumn years.
Foods for the Future – and Noma, too
What does a cow pie from a healthy cow look like? Do farmer Niels Stokholm's biodynamic steaks really taste better? Phie Ambo's Good Things Await about Stokholm's biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard, supplier to the world's best restaurant Noma, is opening the Berlinale Culinary Cinema, a celebration of film, our environment and the joy of food.
Revealing the fiction of our reality
Joshua Oppenheimer reflects on what the process of making The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence has taught him, and how he sees his role as documentary filmmaker today.
When reality cracks
Vibeke Bryld's Pebbles at Your Door tells of a woman's rude awakening from the North Korean puppetry. Old propaganda publications, a blow dryer and incense sticks went into the making of this oddly beautiful short.
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