Chronological list of all FILM#Magazine articles.

Human Beauty in a Russian Garbage Dump
For 14 years Hanna Polak has been tracking homeless children in Moscow. Now the Polish director is presenting the fruit of her labour, "Something Better to Come", a Danish-produced documentary sending the message that you can be a success as a human being even if you are living in a landfill.
Into The Wild

Kristian Levring has always loved Westerns. Making "The Salvation", with Mads Mikkelsen as a Danish settler in 1870s America, was a childhood dream come true, says the director, whose Dogme days still mean a lot to him.

The Werewolf Within
As Jonas Alexander Arnby throws himself into the horror genre in his debut feature "When Animals Dream", the director stresses the importance of realism and believability in the story of a teenage girl undergoing sudden and bizarre changes.
Fast-Shooting Team-Ups
"When a project is as intense as this one, you have to go with the flow," says Milad Alami, one of the two Danish directors participating in Nordic Factory, an international workshop initiated by Directors' Fortnight.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Actor

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has everything it takes for a great career in acting – the hair, the smile, the jawline, the eyes, the sensitivity. He has had an unusual career, playing mostly in international films, but it looks like the 43-year-old actor has finally gained a solid foothold, in Denmark and abroad, thanks to his role as Jaime Lannister in "Game of Thrones" and, now, as a cop in Susanne Bier's upcoming "A Second Chance".

Risk Is Fundamental
Producer Eva Jakobsen has a weakness for films that are set in unique worlds. A résumé including Ask Hasselbalch's "Antboy" and Mads Brügger's "The Ambassador" testifies to the range of the never risk-adverse producer's work.
Lars von Trier and Cultural Liberalism

"Nymphomaniac", like all of Lars von Trier's work, is created within a freedom of expression that has a long tradition in Danish social and cultural life.

Different But Best Friends

Sawsan is a Danish-Turkish girl in a multicultural inner-city neighbourhood. Karl was raised as a Christian in a fishing hamlet far from the big city. Children see differences as natural and have an eye for the similarities that tie them together – in real life and in "The Contest", director Martin Miehe-Renard says.

My Films Grow Out of My Characters

Since winning a Silver Bear in 2006 for her first feature "A Soap", Pernille Fischer Christensen has kept refining the intimate interpersonal story. So too in her new film, "Someone You Love", which uses soulful rock to portray a successful musician whose notions of freedom and love are rattled to the core.

Down the Rabbit Hole

"The Great Bear" got a warm reception in Berlin 2011. Now director Esben Toft Jacobsen and screenwriter Jannik Tai Mosholt are bringing us an enchanting animal fable about fortitude and loss. "Beyond Beyond" comes out of a long-running partnership between image-maker Toft Jacobsen and word-man Mosholt.

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