Chronological list of all FILM#Magazine articles.

Mornings with von Trier

Vinca Wiedemann combined the roles of scribe, inspiration and editor when she and Lars von Trier collaborated on the director's 298-page script for "Nymphomaniac", von Trier's stab at a novel in film form.

Of Puppies and Men

Kristoffer Kiørboe has made a low-key rites-of-passage story about self-absorbed grownups and a boy who is saddled with more responsibility than he can bear. "Son" draws on the director's own experiences of growing up with divorce.

What Is the Soul of Architecture?

Six acclaimed directors, among them Wim Wenders, Robert Redford and Michael Madsen, present their takes on architectural space in the grand-scale 3D documentary project "Cathedrals of Culture". FILM talks to Danish co-producer Final Cut for Real, while Michael Madsen explains his choice of building, Halden Prison in Norway.

Staged Documentarism
At first glance, Jon Bang Carlsen's "Just the Right Amount of Violence" resonates with the recent trend of hybrid films, but his new documentary is a natural extension of methods the Danish filmmaker has been using since the 1970s.
I'm Not Out to Judge

Jon Bang Carlsen originally planned his new film, "Just the Right Amount of Violence", as a relatively straight documentary, but the project ended up as one of the most genre-blending works of the 63-year-old filmmaker's long career.

Letting Go of Someone You Love

In "Carl & Niels", director Alexander Lind creates symbolic spaces to visualise the painful recognition by two twins that their childhood symbiosis is irretrievably lost. Lind is a recent graduate of the National Film School's experimental multiple-camera line under the documentary programme.

Afghanistan's Dandelion Children

Five Afghan children are the heroes of director Jens Pedersen and producer Jakob Gottschau's series "Faith Hope Afghanistan", which follows the determined struggle of Asadagha, Faridullah, Layla, Wali, and Machgan to make a dignified life for themselves amidst the hardships of war.

Someone to Belong With

A 13-year-old girl's relationship to her best friend is at the heart of Ulla Søe and Sussie Weinold's "Shanne and Her Friends". Shanne's story, Ulla Søe tells us, touches on the difficulty of the everyday at a time in life when everything is changing. All the time.

Boy in the Dohyo

At first glance, the children's film "Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler's Son" is the story of a small boy in a tough sport, but to director Simon Lereng Wilmont it is above all a universal narrative about fathers and sons.

Gifted Idiocy

In its transgressive aesthetics and upfront awkwardness, Lars von Trier's Dogme film "The Idiots" (1998) hits like a fist in the gut. Jesper Jargil's making-of film "The Humiliated" (1998) peels back another layer, stripping everyone involved bare – no one more so than von Trier himself – in every sense of the word.

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