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Would You Hold My Baby, Please?

For producer Mikael Chr. Rieks, trust and honesty are key in working with directors and investors. He only gets involved professionally with people he would leave his kids with.

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Scenes of the Crimes

Joshua Oppenheimer's widely acclaimed, Danish-produced The Act of Killing draws its power from the director's daring choice of perspective. Rather than make a film about the victims of Indonesia's 1965-66 genocide, he chose to make a film about the winners: powerful men who are motivated by pride and vanity to reenact their "heroic" deeds for the cameras.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Childhood

Scruffy children with dirty faces. Boys chucking rugby balls at a mentally challenged girl. Playgrounds overgrown with weeds. Infused with a singular poetic beauty, Daniel Joseph Borgman's The Weight of Elephants captures childhood at its loneliest.

Pow! Right in the Face

Having sent a poor young man into a tailspin among hardened criminals in his prison movie "R", Michael Noer is back with a new film about youthful restlessness and manhood. "Northwest" is a film with no filling in or explaining. It's "pure film, pure energy," the director says.

Pulling the Trigger for Democracy

"The Shooter" is Annette K. Olesen's first shot at a political thriller. The director is mostly known for her emotional dramas – some have even won awards in Berlin. But the TV series "Borgen" taught her a lot about working with a political plot and she now gives the genre a workout in a new film that reminds us how fragile democracy really is.

The Joy of Trying Something New

Nicolás Pereda of Mexico and Jacob Schulsinger of Denmark met in the DOX:LAB talent programme and made "Killing Strangers" together, a story of three young men who try, and fail, to join the Mexican revolution in 1910 and get lost in the desert north of Mexico. The film is screening in the Berlinale Forum.

Scrutinising a Swiss Mining Venture

WHY POVERTY. In "Stealing Africa", Christoffer Guldbrandsen investigates how multinational companies are draining money out of Africa and into tax havens in the rich countries. The filmmaker wants to shake up our image of a well-meaning West unilaterally contributing development aid and donor funds to the poverty-stricken continent. The film is part of the international "Why Poverty?" project raising questions about a complex global issue.

Women on Power

WHY POVERTY. Can you teach illiterate women from developing countries to build solar panels? That's exactly what a project in India aims to do. "Solar Mamas" tracks a Jordanian woman's struggle to educate herself and improve conditions in her native Bedouin village. The film is part of the international "Why Poverty?" project raising questions about a complex global issue.

Meetings and conversations
EDITORIAL. In early November we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Copenhagen's CPH:DOX film festival, and now IDFA is turning 25. Aren't we lucky to have them, these generous festivals and their brave and tireless organisers who take reality, art and audiences seriously?
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