Sieling, Scherfig and Nordic Film Market in Göteborg
GÖTEBORG. Lone Scherfig is recipient of the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award at the Göteborg Film Festival, which will be seeing Charlotte Sieling's "The Man" in the main competition. The big festival showcase for Nordic cinema, which opens on 27 January, is also home to Nordic Film Market presenting new films in the pipeline.
Exciting Times in a Booming Market
INTERVIEW. Two and a half years ago, producer Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen founded SAM Productions with "Borgen" creator Adam Price and "The Killing" creator Søren Sveistrup, backed by the French distributor and investor StudioCanal. Now, the Danish TV production company's first series, the crime thriller "Below the Surface," is world-premiering at the Berlin Film Festival. Berlinale Special Series 2017
Oscar nominations to Land of Mine and Silent Nights
OSCAR 2017. Martin Zandvliet's "Land of Mine" and Aske Bang's "Silent Nights" will be taking part in the world's most prestigious film event, selected as nominees in the Foreign Language Film and Short Film categories, respectively.
Among Aleppo's White Helmets
INTERVIEW. "Last Men in Aleppo" follows civilian rescue workers from the White Helmets at such close range that it puts you right in the war-ravaged city. Directed by Feras Fayyad and co-directed by Steen Johannessen, the Danish-Syrian documentary shows the human cost of war. The film is world premiering in competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2017.
Borgman's Loving Pia to Berlin
BERLIN 2017. Daniel Borgman's "Loving Pia" is selected for the Berlin Film Festival in February. The director's second feature film, about an intellectually disabled woman who finds love, is selected for Forum, the Berlinale section for experimental works.
In a Cloud of Not Knowing
INTERVIEW. Daniel Borgman's second feature "Loving Pia" stars and is based on the life of a 60-year-old disabled woman. Everything about the film is complex, problematic and coincidental, says the director, and that's the way he prefers it. Berlinale Forum 2017
Nominees for the industry's Robert Awards
ROBERT 2017. Horror in the L.A. fashion world, communal living in the 1970s and tyranny in a 1960s boarding school – the Danish Film Academy reveal their choices for this year's Robert Awards nominees.
The Commune and Parents at the Fore in Bodil Awards
BODIL 2017. Of the five films running for best Danish film, no less than three are first features. Top scorer in this year's nominations for the Danish critics' Bodil Awards is Thomas Vinterberg's "The Commune," which is selected in five categories.
"I Have a Very Quick Pace in My Life"
INTERVIEW. Charlotte Sieling has directed Danish television series like "Unit 1," "The Killing" and "The Bridge" and has greatly enjoyed her work on American shows. Making "The Man" was a passion project all her own, she says about her second feature film exploring a simple idea: What is it about men?
Charlotte Sieling's The Man to Göteborg
FESTIVAL. Feature films, documentaries, TV drama and short films – Danish film is widely represented at this year's big Nordic festival in Gothenburg, which kicks off on 27 January. Among the films competing for the title as Best Nordic Film is Charlotte Sieling's drama "The Man."
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