Open access to the Danish Film Database

Welcome to the webservice exposing the data of the Factsheet of the Danish Film Institute.


See the complete documentation for the webservice (Danish prose, please get in touch if you need a translation).


The following are example queries that can be made to the webservice


The movie with ID no. 24:
All movies that contain 'badekar' in their title:
The first 10 movies whose title start with b:
All movies with the subcategory 'animation':
All the searchable subcategories:


The person with ID no. 1099:
All the people that contain 'leth' in any part of their name:
The 11th to 20th hits of people whose first or last name start with b:
All the people that have had the function 'stunt' in a movie:
All the searchable functions:


The person with ID no. 1099:
All the companies whose name contains 'fiasco':
All the companies that have been listed as production company on a movie:
All the searchable companytypes:

The help page of the movie, person and companyservice contains the specific UriTemplate for all the different calls, and it can be found here:


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If you plan to use our data, please get in touch! 

5 May 2011: The dataset was submitted to the Open Data Challenge.

The data is offered under the condition that it is visibly attributed to The Danish Film Institute. Contact us for more info.

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