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Eskimo Diva af Lene Stæhr
'Eskimo Diva' by Lene Stæhr.
Filmcentralen is an online streaming service making Danish short and documentary films and teaching materials available to primary and secondary schools via login access.

The aim of Filmcentralen is to support the use of film in the classroom, promote the quality of teaching and generally improve children and young people’s experience of film.

The site offers, via login access, an extensive film catalogue, in particular of Danish shorts and documentaries, and furthermore provides teaching materials, a film encyclopaedia and other learning resources. A number of functions enable teachers and students to share content in the form of playlists, clips, stills and more.


Liselotte Michelsen
Communications Manager 
Tel. +45 3374 3566

Mads Bo Petersen
Online Project Manager 
Tel. +45 3374 3564

Lisbeth Juhl Sibbesen
Editor Film Education 
Tel. +45 2538 2618

Martin Brandt-Pedersen
Consultant Film Education
Tel. +45 2286 9042