Films in Kindergartens

Children from 3 to 6 should use film to strengthen their understanding of collaboration, language and media. That’s the idea behind the learning universe Filmcentralen/For the Youngest (Filmcentralen/For de yngste), where preschoolers and kindergarten teachers together can play with film, images and sound.

Children should experience, understand and create motion pictures. That’s the cornerstone of the Danish Film Institute’s activities for children and teens. In app form, the media-learning universe Filmcentralen/For the Youngest, for children aged 3 to 6, aims to strengthen their collaborative, language and digital skills.

The universe features several hundred short films, suggestions for activities based on the films and a selection of technical tools for working in the medium.

The idea is for kindergarten teachers and children to explore the universe together in order to support the children in becoming active, curious and critical users – and creators – of film and media.

The app is devised as a simple and flexible tool that can be seamlessly inserted into day-to-day life at kindergartens. All it takes to use the app is an iPad and an internet connection. The activities are free to access, while watching the films requires an institution login. The app is available at the App Store.

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Charlotte Giese
Special Adviser
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