Funding for children and youth films

'I Am William' by Jonas Elmer. Photo: Christian Geisnæs
The Film Act prescribes that the Danish Film Institute must earmark 25% of all film funding for children and youth films.

Since 1982, the Danish Film Act has dedicated at least 25% of all government film subsidies to films for children and youth.

The DFI has appointed two film commissioners to select films of artistic merit for government support; one commissioner for feature films, the other for short fiction and documentary. Television stations, Nordic film institutes and various trusts and foundations contribute towards the costs incurred in making the films.

The Film Commissioner Scheme is supplemented by another subsidy measure: the Market Scheme, where the DFI can support feature films of a more commercial nature.


Charlotte Giese
Children & youth, Special Adviser
Tel. +45 2332 9030

Marianne Moritzen
Funding, Head of Fiction
Tel. +45 4046 3757

Ane Mandrup
Funding, Head of Documentary
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