Film funding

Film production and film development are the Danish Film Institute's main subsidy areas.

The Danish Film Institute strives to promote diversity and risk-taking in the industry by providing a variety of gateways to funding, while highlighting talent development, keeping a sharp eye on new digital platforms and supporting international co-production partnerships.

The DFI supports the production of 20-25 feature films and 25-30 documentary and short films a year. Funds are awarded through three different schemes: the Film Commissioner Scheme, the Market Scheme and the New Danish Screen talent development scheme.

Strongly encouraging international partnerships, the DFI funds 5-9 minority co-productions in features and 4-6 minority co-productions in documentaries a year.

Drama and documentary series are funded through the Public Service Fund.

A cornerstone of Danish film policy is children and youth films, to which 25% of all funding is earmarked.

The DFI operates within the parameters of the Film Agreement, approved by the Danish parliament. The Film Agreement lays out broad guidelines for a four-year period.