Other funding

Nikolaj Arcel's 'A Royal Affair' has received funding from the West Danish Film Fund, one of the three regional film funds in Denmark. Photo: Jirí Hanzl.
Funding schemes also cover cinema culture, film education and promotion at international film festivals.

Regional funding

Regional funding is aimed at films that are produced, or partly produced, outside the Greater Copenhagen area. The aim of regional film funding is to ensure that Danish films tell stories from all parts of the country. The funding is aimed at films that include filming and post-production work, supporting production milieus outside Greater Copenhagen. Regional film funding is awarded to features, shorts and documentaries that have received production funding from the Film Commissioner Scheme, the Market Scheme, or New Danish Screen. Read about Denmark's three regional film funds.

External workshops

The Danish Film Institute supports workshop activity aimed at strengthening talent development grounded in independent or municipal institutions, associations, etc. 

Cinema funding

This scheme supports projects for establishing and modernising Danish cinemas, for operating Danish arthouse cinemas and for special cinema initiatives. The aim is to ensure an attractive and dynamic, high-quality cinema milieu across the nation, and to ensure artistic and cultural diversity in the range of films in the Danish cinema market.

Dissemination of films to children and youth

Funds are awarded for developing and realising publications, projects or activities that disseminate film art, filmmaking skills and film teaching to children and young people. The aim is to foster opportunities for children and young people to experience, understand and themselves make films, and to contribute to developing and grounding film and media teaching initiatives at day-care centres and schools. 

Film festivals and screenings

Funds are awarded for establishing and holding film festivals and film-screening activities in Denmark. The aim is to ensure the development of a vibrant film and festival culture across the country. It is the ambition that at least 25% of the funds be awarded to film festivals and film-screening activities for children and young people.

Participation at international festivals

This scheme supports the participation of Danish films at significant international film festivals, in particular film festivals prioritised by the DFI, cf. the DFI's list of prioritised international film festivals (site in Danish). Funds are awarded to activities that raise awareness and sales of Danish films internationally, including shared stands, joint Nordic promotion, special campaigns and other efforts involving the participation of Danish films at international film festivals.

General purposes

Funds are granted to the promotion of film art, film culture and cinema culture in Denmark. The funding is moreover aimed at ensuring the possibility of developing the Danish film industry other than by direct film funding. By way of example, the scheme supports continuing education abroad and in Denmark, journals, publications, associations and initiatives within the film industry focusing on innovation and concept development.