Regional Film Funds

Anders Thomas Jensen's "Adam's Apples" has received funding from FilmFyn. Photo: Rolf Konow
Denmark's three regional Film Funds make an important contribution to the success of Danish films and television.

Copenhagen Film Fund

The Copenhagen Film Fund was founded in 2013 by initiative of the Producers Association as a partnership between eight Copenhagen municipalities, the Capital Region and a number of players in the local film industry. The Fund has a budget of 4.7m euros up to 2016.

The Fund’s prime purpose is to invest in international and Danish film and TV productions, to be produced in the member municipalities and distributed both nationally and internationally.

The Copenhagen Film Fund primarily invests in international productions of high artistic merit and with Danish co-producers, or Danish projects with substantial international financing and distribution in place. The Fund's focus is on productions wholly or partly shot in the region.

The Fund is managed by Thomas Gammeltoft.

Selected projects
Long Way North (dir. Remy Chayé), Midsomer Murders (dir. Alex Pillai), The Team (dir. Kathrine Windfeld), The Bridge III (dir. Rumle Hammerich), Wallander The Worried Man, (dir. Ben Caron)


Danish regional film fund FilmFyn was established in 2003 and covers the area of Fyn (Funen) in the very heart of Denmark. Owned by eight municipalities, our goal is to create local growth, increased visibility and cultural pride revolving around film and television series. 

FilmFyn holds a strong track record of investing in more than 55 successful productions so far, ranging from historic dramas, thrillers and comedies to children’s features and large television series. Many of which have enjoyed great international attention. 

The annual budget is €1.8M of which more than €1.5M is invested based on criteria concerning financial spend in our area, the project’s potential to promote Fyn and FilmFyn’s potential for recoupment. There are no fixed application deadlines, and the path from communication to action is fast.

FilmFyn also houses Film Commission Fyn:  All-in-one we are a small, efficient and creative film office with strong local support. You also can expect us to guide you to the best locations, people, facilities and resources available for filming in the heart of Denmark.

FilmFyn is managed by Bo Damgaard.

Selected projects – Feature films 
A Second Chance (dir. Susanne Bier), Silent Heart (Bille August), Antboy (dir. Ask Hasselbalch), Racewalking (dir. Niels Arden Oplev)

Selected projects – TV series 
The Legacy (dir. Pernilla August) 

West Danish Film Fund

The West Danish Film Fund, located in Denmark’s second biggest city, Aarhus, annually invests around 1.5 million euros in film and media production. Its efforts go beyond funding and include equipment, professional film studios and film workers, hub for film and media companies, training and talent development.

The Fund supports and invests in co-productions that have Danish artistic or technical participation with a connection to the region.

The Fund is raising its international profile by establishing a film and media commission. This will enhance the West Danish Film Fund’s visibility on the international stage and its readiness to enter into minority and majority co-productions. 

The West Danish Film Fund is managed by Carsten Holst.

Selected projects – Feature films 
Nymphomaniac (dir. Lars von Trier), Song of the Sea (dir. Tomm Moore), Sorrow and Joy (dir. Nils Malmros), A Royal Affair (dir. Nikolaj Arcel)

Selected projects – Documentaries
Sepideh (dir. Berit Madsen)

Selected projects – TV Series 
Dicte (Miso Film)


Copenhagen Film Fund


West Danish Film Fund