Houdini & Simulation course 2021

Master the art and science of simulations in this 12-week, online, Houdini-certified course taught by specialists from the VFX industry. Topics include fluid simulations, rigid body work, Pyro dynamics, GPU rendering, and interactive, real-time graphics.

The focus of the 12-week course is simulation. Students will study and implement graphical, physics-based solvers as well as real-time simulations. The foundation of the course is based on Houdini. Additional software training includes Touch Designer, Unreal game engine, and basic programming. On completion, students will showcase highly specialized knowledge of node-based procedural workflows. Projects will take the form of well-presented simulations i n tandem with case studies targeted towards bringing new ideas into Europe’s diverse art and technology markets (film/games/animation/sciences).

With the study of Houdini, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, and coding; a student has complete technical and artistic freedom with simulation; at the heart and edge of computer technology. A graduate will be simultaneously skilled in sought-after industry solutions as well as software independent to adapt to changes in the highly volatile field.

What you get:
- An intensive course developed with the help of industry professionals
- Instructors are all active professionals with updated and production-tested knowledge
- Hands-on teaching and practice every day from morning to afternoon
- A professional network

The Houdini & Simulation course will run from 12th April to 2nd July 2021. This year the course will be online due to Covid-19.

Read more about the course at https://animationworkshop.via.dk/en/programs-and-courses/houdini-and-simulation-for-film-and-games
Or sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/202223108501942