Danish on a Sunday: Danish Films - English Subtitles

Twice a month the Cinematheque features Danish film hits or classics which our non-Danish speaking audience might have heard of and would appreciate. The films are subtitled in English. Before Danish on a Sunday-screenings a special offer consisting of coffee and Danish pastry (or a piece of cake) can be purchased at Restaurant SULT at an additional charge of just 40 DKK.
Danish on a Sunday - The Stranger

SUN 22/04 14:15 / The Stranger
En fremmed flytter ind / Nicole N. Horanyi, 2017 / English subtitles / 100 min.

Amanda meets Casper on Facebook and they end up moving in together in her small apartment. Three months later Amanda discovers that none of what Casper has told her about himself is true and she decides to find out who he really is. The film is based on actual events (that first appeared in the critically acclaimed podcast Third Ear) and many of the film’s central characters play themselves while Casper is played by actor Esben Dalgaard.

'Dear Wendy'

SUN 06/05 14:15 / Dear Wendy
Thomas Vinterberg, 2005 / English dialogue / 90 min.

A film written by Lars von Trier and directed by Thomas Vinterberg about the young loner Dick (Jamie Bell) who lives in a poor mining town. When he happens upon a small handgun one day, he finds himself drawn to it, despite his pacifistic views. Together with a partner he soon convinces the young outcasts in the town to join him in a secret club. A club based on the principles of pacifism and guns.


SUN 20/05 14:15 / All In
Fantasten / Christian Dyekjær, 2017 / English subtitles / 90 min.

When Claus (Dejan Cukic), a car salesman and a passionate gambler, gets his 19-year-old son Silas mixed up in considerable gambling debts owed to a bunch of criminals, he is forced to put his own life at risk to save his son. A brutal, yet warm third film by Christian Dyekjær who made his feature debut with 'Moving Up' (2008).

Please note that although the other films screened at the Cinematheque are presented only in Danish on our homepage, most of them have either English dialogue or English subtitles (look for the expression ’engelske undertekster’ under each film synopsis).