"We feel like the staff at the Cinematheque is a part of our team"

For several years Imaginism Studios - who develop characters and concept design for clients like Disney, EA Games and Universal Studios - have hosted their 2-day live art workshops at the Cinematheque. We asked event coordinators Josie Najera and Samantha Groome five questions about their experience.

Which type of event did you host in the Cinematheque?
Our events are 2-day live art workshops for art students and industry professionals. These workshops are taught by well-established artists currently working in the film, TV, children's book illustration, and gaming industry with clients such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Riot Games, and more! Our workshop teachers share their knowledge and tips with aspiring artists who also get the chance to ask questions and see live digital and traditional art demonstrations. 

Why did you choose the Cinematheque as your venue?
The main reason why we chose the Cinematheque as our venue year after year is because of the staff. From the event coordinator to the AV technicians to the barista, each employee is very helpful and gets the job done properly. Everything is always well-managed and our experience with the Cinematheque has been consistent each year. The Cinematheque is also conveniently located around different tourist attractions, markets, cafés, and restaurants.

Which elements did your event consist of?
Our event took place in the Carl Cinema that held 182 of our attendees, technical assistance throughout the day, a sales table in the lobby for our art prints and books, and a meet & greet reception in the downstairs Asta Bar. 

Is there anything in particular regarding your experience, that you would like to highlight?
The main highlight for us would be that each year, the event continues to improve. The coordinator is always very helpful with the planning process and we feel as if she treats the event as if it were her own. It's a great feeling for us because we see the event as a group effort and we feel like the staff at the Cinematheque is a part of our team.

What is your overall experience with the Cinematheque as a venue?
Our overall experience with the Cinematheque as a venue has been enjoyable year after year, and we always look forward to hosting our event here!