Houdini & Simulation for Film and Games Course

MASTER THE CRAFT OF COMPUTER SIMULATION In the 12-week Professional Training course Houdini & Simulation for Film and Games, you will study and implement graphical, physics-based solvers as well as real-time simulations. With the study of Houdini, TouchDesigner, Unity, and coding, you get complete technical and artistic freedom with simulation; at the heart and edge of computer technology!

The foundation of the course is based on Houdini, but additional software training includes TouchDesigner, game engines (Unity), and basic programming. On completion, you will showcase highly specialized knowledge of node-based procedural workflows. Participant projects will take the form of well-presented simulations in tandem with case studies targeted towards bringing new ideas into Europe’s diverse art and technology markets (film/games/animation/sciences). As a Houdini course graduate, you will be simultaneously skilled in sought-after industry solutions as well as software independent to adapt to changes in the highly volatile field.

The course instructional method consists of lectures from instructors/industry practitioners, and guided mentorship through notable stages of individualized projects, with biweekly milestone reviews and weekly group critiques. When not lecturing, the teacher is present in the classroom to provide feedback until the end of the afternoon, every day!

Houdini-certified: The Houdini & Simulation course is a SideFX Houdini certified training program. This official certification comes with some great benefits for course participants such as special internships and free commercial Houdini licenses for participants upon graduation!

Please visit the course website for more info: https://animationworkshop.via.dk/en/programs-and-courses/houdini-and-simulation-for-film-and-games