Writing and developing genre stories with Stephen Cleary

This workshop is a hands-on, practical guide to writing and developing genre stories. It demonstrates an approach to genre, which once learnt and understood, you can apply to any story genre you are working with.

On the first day Stephen Cleary will explain his approach and guide you through it step by step, showing numerous examples to illustrate the approach, and facilitating questions and discussion.

On the second day, Stephen will explore Character Genres, an entirely different way of using genre ideas, and one that may be more useful than using traditional story genres when it comes to writing TV drama using genre ideas and formats.

The workshop concludes by mapping out how to write the set piece scenes that are at the heart of generic writing. What a set piece is, how it is structured, and what kind of set pieces to master within the genre you are writing in, are some of the areas covered.

We’ll also look at what happens when you mix genres together and how to predict and deal with the problems genre mixing raises before you write your script.

This workshop is essential for anyone working with genre, and is designed with screenwriters, script developers, producers and directors in mind. The approach is equally useful for TV drama or feature film development.

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