2-Day Advanced Story Workshop With Stephen Cleary

If you are interested in exploring structuring stories at a new depth, then Stephen Cleary has designed an Advanced Story Workshop looking at different, more complex ways of understanding stories. Writers, directors, producers and story executives are all welcome.

Stephen Cleary.

As well as discovering and exploring five basic ways of structuring a story, we’ll look at asking and answering questions that all of us have asked at one time or another about stories we are working on. What if my story doesn’t seem to fit a traditional shape?

What if my story is influenced by ideas beyond the Western tradition? What if my story is simply non-traditional? Must I try to force it into a different shape?

There are other questions too. What effect on the structure and plotting of your story does the gender of the protagonist have, if any? Because if character and plot are different ways of looking at the same thing, then surely if you change the nature of the character, you must change the nature of the plot?

What if I want to use the nature of my characters to lead me to the structure of my story? Can I do that? How?

Is it true that cinema protagonists work best if solitary whilst TV drama series protagonists work best in partnerships or groups? Why?

Is it true that successful movies are plot driven whereas successful TV series are character driven? What does this actually mean when it comes to mapping out the  structure of your script for one or the other? And what about theme? How does my theme impact on my story’s structure?

All of these questions will be explored in this workshop.

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