I-Media-Cities Conference in Copenhagen: Films, Cities and City Films

Thursday November 8th, 2018, 11.00-17.00. Venue: Danish Film Institute, Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen, 4th floor.

The Danish Film Institute and I-Media-Cities host an international conference on the subject of cities and films, both with an eye to how cities have been represented in films, as well as how geo-organized film platforms present and use historical films and footage. Speakers include Claire Thomson, who will address how documentary films have promoted specific cities, as well as a range of presentations of online platforms presenting geo-tagged films to specific and broader audiences. The platforms presented and discussed include the I-Media-Cities platforms and tools, danmarkpaafilm.dk, filmarkivet.se and the Gothenburg based project GPS400.

Attendance is free, but registration is required to: thomasc@dfi.dk (please state name, email and institution affiliation).



  • Thomas Christensen (Danish Film Institute): Welcome and “What is I-Media-Cities”. 
  • Keynote: Claire Thomson (University College London): City Films, propaganda and progressive art in public documentary film.

12.00-12.30:  Lunch break.


  • Camille Blot-Wellens (Swedish Film Institute): A car in the open street(s) of the I-Media-Cities.
  • Christian Gosvig-Olesen (University of Amsterdam): MIMEHIST – Annotating Eye's Jean Desmet Collection and The Sensory Moving Image Archive.
  • IMC: Automatic recognition tools; possibilities and limitations (tbc).
  • Christopher Natzen (Kungliga Biblioteket) and Lova Hagerfors (Swedish Film Institute): Filmarkivet.se.

14-14.30: Coffee break.


  • Gothenburg Film: Moving Images of A Town in Transition.
    Mats Jönsson (University of Gothenburg), Mattias Bäckström (University of Oslo), Karl-Magnus Johansson, (Regional State Archives in Gothenburg), Marie Hellervik (Gothenburg City Museum), Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz (Medical History Museum) and Fiffi Myrström (Museum of Bohuslän).

16.00-16.15: Coffee break.


  • Katrine Madsbjerg (Danish Film Institute): Misty Watercolored Memories.
  • Discussion and wrap-up. 


Thomas Christensen
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