Amerikansk selskab søger yngre filmfolk

Filminstituttet har har modtaget nedenstående fra et
amerikansk produktionsselskab, som søger yngre manuskriptforfattere og
instruktører. Kontakt evt. undertegnede for yderligere
Madstone Films is
currently looking for talented young writers and directors, and we invite
you to apply to our program.
Madstone Films is a New
York-based digital studio founded last year by Goldman Sachs partner Chip
Seelig and former PolyGram distribution executive Tom Gruenberg. Madstone
Films was conceived as an incubator for new filmmakers, and it's unique
program for first-time feature film directors is headed by "Boys Don't
Cry" producer Eva Kolodner.
Every six months,
Madstone hires 3-5 new directors to work with us under a two-year contract
with a generous annual salary, benefits, profit participation and complete
financing ($500k - $1.5 million) to direct their first feature film.
Directors are brought to New York to work with us in a collaborative
setting in our spacious Manhattan loft. Their films are shot and
distributed digitally to theaters across the United States.
Our first group of
directors began working with us in November, and we will begin production
of our first feature in May, 2001. Of our first group, one filmmaker is
from Sweden, one is from New York and one is from Toronto. We are very
interested in international directors and are open to filming
internationally, though projects must be English language. We are
also interested in receiving scripts from writers with no current interest
in directing, and would welcome your projects as possible material for our
Please visit for further
information and, if all of this sounds good, to download an

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