BLOCKCHAIN ...speakers

The experts


Rose-Marie Couture, Co-founder
Wendy Bernfeld, Adviser

BlockFilm is a virtual, secure B2B hub that allows content creators to pitch their projects at an early stage to new and broader classes of investors (professional) as well as to a community of film fans (fan/crowd/audience) around the world. Project investments are by way of donation (social projects) and/or professional investment (commercial projects) while fans also earn rewards. For commercial projects content creators issues their compliant investment products as equity, revenue share or debt through our Ontario Securities Commission-regulated dealer partner.
BlockFilm is an open platform that protects creator IP on blockchain, not to be confused with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. BlockFilm meets the need for the entertainment business to increase security and transparency, and ensure that revenues flow efficiently to creators, investors and others in the value chain, including VOD /OTT buyers and/or cofunders of international content.

Wendy Bernfeld (founder and MD of Rights Stuff, Amsterdam (, is BlockFilm’s Advisor, International Digital. Her mission for the BlockFilm platform includes digital rights and bring select international VOD platforms who buy and/or fund, (including thematic/niche genres) to the table, as well as digital-savvy international producers/creators, sales agents/hybrids.


Florian Glatz, IP and Blockchain Lawyer

Cinemarket offers a secure 24/7 digital film market for the film industry. The Cinemarket platform makes the connection between sellers and buyers faster, easier and fairer. Cinemarket brings together discovery, screening and licensing of films, where license payments and material delivery can happen in days instead of months.

Florian Glatz is a lawyer, software developer and digital entrepreneur. Florian has been working full-time on blockchain related businesses since 2013, advising startups and companies on how to integrate blockchain technology. At Cinemarket, Florian advises on how to integrate Blockchain into processes and products.


Maria Tanjala, Co-founder

FilmChain is a UK-based platform revolutionizing the collection and allocation of revenues for the film and TV industries worldwide. The platform is leveraging a private Ethereum blockchain ledger to maintain transaction information, execute fast payments and accommodate complex recoupment schedules with hundreds of beneficiaries.
FilmChain collects revenues from distributors and pays production stakeholders in an efficient, transparent and automatic manner. The secure online dashboard allows beneficiaries to access their money and data and follow exactly how their titles are performing in any territory, at any time. FilmChain also keeps track of revenues, offers dynamic, downloadable and customisable reports and processes instant payouts, directly from the platform to the individual’s bank account, in near real-time.

The Moderator

Tine Klint, CEO of LevelK

Tine Klint founded LevelK in 2009 and has dedicated the majority of her professional life to independent cinema with 20 years’ experience across international sales, aggregation and film financing.

With a passionate team LevelK is specialised in rights optimization that are reflected through innovative approach to cross-platform/cross-country distribution combining theatrical and traditional means - alongside digital distribution and marketing.    

LevelK is handling traditional world-sales for edgy, original films and documentaries that will resonate with international audiences. The profile includes high quality productions across all genres, and working with established and emerging international talents in both English and foreign language. Films must have strong festival potential, international marketability and digital possibilities as we work across all areas.

Since 2018 LevelK has been running local VOD platforms for distributors and/or cinema´s (e.g, and handled Event distribution in the Nordic Countries.

Aggregation has been a strong part of the LevelK business from 2011, where the company now delivers films to all major world platforms and local important platforms and telecompanies on behalf of more than 60 rightsholders.