BOOSTER LAB 2021 - open call for XR projects

TRAINING. Deadline September 30th.

The BOOSTER LAB is an intensive training led by international experts to master the art of pitching, get the latest insights & trends for the XR contents, industry and market, be at the forefront of the XR technologies and learn how to develop and finance a XR project.


Application Deadline
September 30th

October 11th

Online Courses
On 3 days in the week of November 29th to December 3rd

Festival Participation
December 9th and 10th in Brussels / Stereopsia

Participation Fee
300 € (plus 19% VAT)
Includes Online Masterclasses, Festival Pass for Stereopsia

For whom

The BOOSTER LAB is made for XR producers and their immersive, narrative projects in an advanced development state and with a significant international sales potential, ready to search for creative and financing partners. For each project one (the producer) or two team members can participate.

What we do

The BOOSTER LAB consists of two parts:

  • Online masterclasses and pitch training on three days in November on a digital platform plus a social networking event in VR.
  • Pitch presentation of the projects to a jury of potential partners, co-producers, distributors and film funds, during the Stereopsia Festival.

Participants get the opportunity to create new business networks by participating in one-to-one meetings and compete for the Booster Award, which will be given to the winner during the Awards Ceremony of Stereopsia held on December 10th 2021 at The Egg (Brussels).

Training leads are Sylvain Grain (Stereopsia) and Astrid Kahmke (European Creators’ Lab).

The BOOSTER LAB is organized by the XR HUB Bavaria, in partnership with the Games & XR Association Mitteldeutschland and Stereopsia, financed with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Union, the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), and the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM).