Digitale fortællinger: finansiering & distribution

Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Danmark og Det Danske Filminstitut inviterer til seminar om finansiering og distribution af digitale fortællinger, nærmere betegnet i VR og AR produktioner. Vi har inviteret en række internationale eksperter til en formiddag, hvor vi kommer ind på både de fortællemæssige og kommercielle muligheder for VR/AR.


9:00 Registrering og kaffe/the/croissant
9:30 Velkomst ved Ene Katrine Rasmussen, Creative Europe Desk: Hvordan støtter EU digitale fortællinger
9:40 Inga von Staden sætter scenen: Hvad kan vi bruge digitale fortællinger til og hvilken rolle spiller de ift. vores sociale ansvar?
10:20 Wendy Bernfeld, Rights Stuff, giver et overblik over finansierings- og distributionsmuligheder på online-platforme
11:00 Pause
11:30 Panel om finansiering og distribution

I panelet: Antoine Cayrol, Atlas V (FR), Joel Edström, Viareal (SE), Charlotte de la Gournerie, Sun Creature Studio (DK), Louis-Richard Tremblay, National Film Board of Canada (CA)

Moderatorer: Wendy Bernfeld og Ene Katrine Rasmussen

12:30 Slut

Om oplæggene


Inga von Staden has worked as an author, creative director and creative producer in audi-ovisual media - Film, TV, Games und Extended Reality – for the past 30 years. Her fascination for the digital transformation has continuously drawn her into new areas of work. As of 1999 she has been coaching media companies and public institutions on the topic and has written a range of research papers, market reviews and trend forecasts. She was appointed by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in 2004 to establish the “New Media Coordination” as a bridge between public administration / political bodies and the emerg-ing Games / Mobile / Internet industries.
Inga von Staden has helped develop new job profiles, educational programs and creative processes for the media sector. She designed and implemented the studies program “In-teractive Media” at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Animationsinstitut from Oct 2006 to Jul 2018. She was responsible for setting up interdisciplinary workshops and instrumental in the design of the transmedia strategy of the school. In 2013 she initiated TINKERTANK, a non-profit program to further children, adolescents and professionals in their creativity through crafts, electronics and coding. It became a corner stone of the Creative Cluster in Ludwigsburg she helped to build.
Currently Inga von Staden is developing a range of projects and setting up inter/national networks with a focus on the social responsibility of audiovisual media. She lectures at conferences, runs workshops for educational institutions and facilitates forum discus-sions. She is also an assessor for the Transmedia funding scheme of the Ministry of Cul-ture BAK, Switzerland and a reviewer for the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme NARP.

Regarding digital storytelling, Inga says: Once we go digital we are potentially interactive. Once we go digital we can create artificial worlds. There are two aspects to digital storytelling: first of all, it is potentially interactive. Many filmmakers venturing into VR find themselves confronted with being in a space. Once there they start wanting to explore that space. Once they do that, they start looking at interactivity. Then they begin to understand that film limits the interaction potential and they start looking at real-time media.



A former Montrealer and founder/CEO of Rights Stuff (Amsterdam), Wendy is a passionate film buff with 25+ years in film/pay tv/vod channel startup, biz dev and content/programming experience in N.A. and EMEA/international. This includes (before Rights Stuff) prior multi-region roles as CEO Canal+ International, MD Alliance Atlantis and earlier on as entertainment lawyer.
Since founding Rights Stuff in '99 (, she provides content strategy and pragmatic licensing, including curation, acquisition, distribution (digital and hybrid) and development, to maximize rights/windows/audiences across an evolving digital landscape. Key expertise is international pay/svod/OTT licensing and Originals deals – whether traditional, digital-first/webseries, cross platform and/or VR), and going beyond just the big5 to other thematic and regional services – the new buyers and funders – who compete and complement them.

Wendy will give an overview of B2B and B2C business models (transactional, subscription, adsupported and download to own etc.) as well as who else is out there in terms of platforms that buys and invest in cinematic and immersive VR in the entertainment sector, and other forms of digital storytelling, beyond the online stores/headset manufacturers and pubcasters. She covers various aspects and evolving windows around monetization – ranging from VR cinemas to pay tv/telecom/cable/ott players and apps, as well as brands, publishers and distribution middlepersons. She also looks at buyers/funders of more immersive/interactive installation works such as galleries/museums,LBR etc. – A project can earn money by being on several platforms simultaneously (non exclusive deals) or with exclusivity and creative ‘’windowing’’.

Om panelet


After a Master II Communication and Media in Assas and a Master II PLA at the Sorbonne , he created his production company FATCAT FILMS in 2005. In November 2013, FATCAT FILMS incorporates the audiovisual group PREMIERE HEURE and became its digital label. In January 2014 he creates a second production company specializing in the production of content for virtual reality, OKIO STUDIO, by partnering with Pierre Zandrowicz and Lorenzo Benedetti . This company have created short experience where screened at Tribeca, Cannes and Venice Film Festival amongst others. In October 2017 he sold OKIO STUDIO to a commercial group and team up with new producers to create a new immersive production company ATLAS V, in Paris, Lyon, New York and Los Angeles.



Joel Edström, VR content and marketing lead at NENT Group. Running the largest local VR entertainment service in the Nordics, Viareal. Viareal license and commission content from high-end sport rights, such as Champions League, studio content from National Geographic, and indie studio productions, such as music videos, comedy or horror.



Originally from France, Charlotte de la Gournerie is a producer and co-owner at Sun Creature Studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She is a producer specialized in animation. Starting with 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns for the transmedia animated project “The Reward - Tales of Alethrion”, Charlotte continues to produce for different formats, genres, finance plans and audiences.
She has been producing tv series, commercials and recently started the pre-production of Sun Creature’s first animated feature documentary FLEE and the development of a VR short film “FLEE VR”.



NFB interactive studio multi-award winning producer, Louis-Richard Tremblay works between documentary and technologies with an interest in projects where interactivity supports the creation of a narrative universe exploring phenomena that affect individuals and society. His most recent work concerns our connected and tech-infused society, played out in portable experiences and immersive environments.
Since they were set up in 2009, the National Film Board of Canada’s digital production studios have been devoted to new forms of storytelling. Continuing in the NFB’s grand tradition of innovation, they are continually venturing into unexplored areas of creation, pushing back the boundaries of digital production and helping reinvent the grammar of 21th century media and art. The French Program’s Digital Studio is in Montreal and the English Program’s is in Vancouver.
The Montreal studio puts out a dozen original productions for the new platforms each year. The Montreal studio has developed over 90 works. Mobile documentaries, installations, interactive stories, VR and generative art—these auteur works from the NFB have garnered over a hundred awards and distinctions in Canada and elsewhere in the world: Webbys, Boomerangs, Japan Media Arts awards, Gémeaux, FWAs, IDFA DocLab Awards,  Communication Arts awards, South by Southwest (SXSW) awards, Sundance awards, Peabody Award.



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