EFP: Call for Film Sales Support AFM + Tokyo IFF

Public Call for Film Sales Support (FSS) at the American Film Market and the Tokyo International Film Festival.

EFP (European Film Promotion) is issuing a new public call for Film Sales Support inviting sales companies to apply for the promotion of European films at the AFM (2-7 Nov) and the Tokyo International Film Festival (30 Oct - 8 Nov).

Who may submit?

European world sales companies registered in and validated by the Participant Register of the European Commission and approved by the respective European film promotion institutes.

What is covered by FSS?

Costs/investments for digital and physical promotion and marketing campaigns.

Which films are eligible?

  • Majority-produced European films with a minimum length of 60’ and an origin of country which is part of Creative Europe MEDIA programme and part of FSS Guidelines.
  • Recent films which have an original copyright established in 2020/2021.
  • Fiction films, animation films and documentaries (feature length).

How much is available?

An incentive of up to 50% of the total costs and up to EUR 5,000 per campaign.

Application deadlines

Please submit applications via https://application.efp-online.com/

  • by 19 October at the latest for the AFM
  • by 18 October at the latest for Tokyo IFF

Gender balance, diversity & inclusion and sustainability are important for EFP. Therefore, we appreciate and encourage promotion campaigns that respect the environment as well as the diversity of filmmakers.

For further details and advice please contact

Susanne Davis (davis@efp-online.com)

Cornelia Klimkeit (klimkeit@efp-online.com)


Important Information

Individual grant confirmations and disbursements are subject to the signing of the contract between EFP and Creative Europe MEDIA at the end of 2021. This means that all costs part of the FSS application to EFP are undertaken at the world companies own risk with no claim to EFP should funding not become available from the European Commission.