Online Industry Panel @ Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2020

Bringing the Past to the Future: Audience Building for Historical Films in Unprecedented Times


Friday, 6 November 2020, 2pm CET

  • How can a historical subject be made topical and relevant for today's audiences?
  • How can producers and distributors attract audiences to a film dealing with historical themes?
  • What is the best way to release a period film given the current pandemic restrictions?

Against the backdrop of the 100th anniversary of the reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark, and 100 years of Danish-German friendship, players from both countries will join this industry panel, using examples from current and upcoming releases to talk about their experiences and their ideas for the future.

Christina Rosendahl (Director) and Jonas Frederiksen (Producer, Nimbus Film) share their experiences with the Danish release of 'The Good Traitor' ('Vores mand i Amerika')last summer.

Dirk Decker (Producer, Tamtam Film) and Henriette Ahrens (Distribution, notsold) present their campaign for the German release of 'A War Within' ('I krig & kærlighed') by Kasper Torsting in October 2020.

The event will take place ONLINE via Zoom.

For additional information and registration please contact Laurin Dietrich: