Q&A: European Networks of Festivals

Under Berlinalen 2020 afholdt EACEA et informationsmøde vedrørende Action 2 'European Network of Festivals' under call'et Support to Festivals (EACEA/26/2019). Her kan du læse hele Q&A'en samt downloade PPT-præsentationen, der blev vist på mødet.

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Are audience development and research included as an eligible project?
Audience development and research are an eligible type of joint activity. But it must be done jointly and not run by only one festival.

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23. april 2020 kl. 17.00

What is the benefit of being the coordinator?
Coordination costs can be included in the budget across various items (e.g. staff, operational costs).
As the budget is similar to the Market Access structure, it could be an asset if the coordinator would have experience with budget based actions and Market Access in particular.

Can the coordinator be something else than a festival?
No, the coordinator and all the members must be eligible festivals.

What is the timeline concerning the results and eligibility period?
Results are expected for September 2020. Period of eligibility is in principle the date of signature of the agreement. Retroactivity is possible at the earliest date of submission if duly justified. It is possible to foresee a date of start of the activities some months after the date of signature (this period should be reasonable).

Can the network decide what is the start of the eligibility period?
Period of eligibility starts in principle at the date of signature of the agreement. It is possible to foresee a date of start of the activities some months after the date of signature (there is no real limit but this period should be reasonable).

What is the suitable amount of members in the network?
The amount of members should take into account the max. possible allocation of € 180 000 and the fact that the cascading grant per member is max. €30 000. This is a pilot project and as such it is advisable not to aim at too many members as a start.

What is the amount for the coordinator, is it also € 30 000 or can it be more?
The amount is not fixed and indeed a max. could be envisaged in the future.

Can a Russian festival be part of the festival network?
A non-MEDIA participating country festival cannot be member of the network. However the network could have this kind of partners if relevant for the joint activities.

Can a festival from Switzerland be part of the network?
Not as a member of the network but it could be a partner if relevant for the joint activities.

What is the future like: will individual support for festivals stay?
There will be a stronger focus on networks of festivals. But due to the fact that the programme is still under negotiation we are not able to give yet an answer.

Is it defined in the guidelines what the size of the festivals in the network should be? Can it be 1 big festival + 3 smaller ones or is it better to have 2 big ones + 2 small ones or can it be anything?
It all depends on what is relevant and makes sense for the foreseen joint activities.

What kind of agreement is needed between the coordinator and the member festivals?
The agreement is decided between the coordinator and the members. The agreement is not required at the time of the application. Only letters of interest of the members must be provided.

If the network is supported during this call and the activity is still ongoing in 2021, can the network apply again 2021?
Yes, the network will be able to apply again in the future.

Will this network/cascading grant model also be part of the Market Access call in the next programme?
Partnerships at European level are always encouraged within Market Access but it won’t really be a support to coordinated Networks. Cascading grants might be envisaged.