Video: New Audience Strategies

Watch the Europa Cinema Network Ireland in a discussion on how the cinema network is coping across Europe, what they’re programming to bring audiences back into cinemas, the importance of extra elements such as cafes and restaurants, and the support provided by Europa Cinemas.

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland, on October 15th the MEDIA Desk Ireland had a look at how independent cinemas aligned with the Europa Cinema network are coping with interrupted schedules and reduced audience numbers.

The guests were:

  • Fatima Djoumer, International Relations, Europa Cinemas
  • Ross Keane, Director, IFI Dublin
  • Charlene Lydon, Film programmer for Lighthouse Cinema, Palás Galway and Volta VOD
  • Maeve Cooke, Managing Director, access>Cinema, resource organisation for regional cultural cinema exhibition in Ireland

The Irish panel of Europa Cinema members discussed how they are coping with lockdowns, the challenges and their strategies on how to bring audiences back in.

They talked about their online platforms, online film programming and how it complements the theatrical experience.

Watch the video here.