Eurimages støtter 15 europæiske koproduktioner

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supports 15 European co-productions
STRASBOURG, 07.05.2001 - At its 72th meeting held on 3 and
4 May 2001 in Dublin, the Council of Europe Eurimages Fund Board of
Management agreed to support 15 feature films for a total amount of 4 830
000 Million Euros.
Cannes Film Festival: seven films supported by
Eurimages selected :In the official competition :La pianiste -
Michael Haneke (Austrian) (Austria, France)Il Mestiere delle Armi -
Ermanno Olmi (Italian) (Italy, France, Germany)Roberto Succo - Cédric
Kahn (French) (France, Switzerland)Va savoir - Jacques Rivette
(French) (France, Germany, Italy)No man's Land - Danis Tanovic
(Belgian) (France, Italy, Belgium, Great-Britain, Slovenia)
For the Closing Ceremony :Les âmes fortes,
Raoul Ruiz (French) (France, Belgium)
For the Closing of the "Semaine de la
Critique":Nuages, Marion Hänsel (Belgian) (Belgium,
The feature films suppported are :Scheme 1
(assistance awarded mainly on the basis of the project's circulation
potential)Il Consiglio d'Egitto - Emidio Greco (Italian) (Italy,
Hungary, France)Un Couple épatant / Cavale / Après la vie - Lucas
Belvaux (Belgian) (Belgium, France)El Embrujo de Shanghai - Fernando
Trueba (Spanish) (Spain, France)Au Plus près du paradis - Tonie
Marshall (French) (France, Spain, Canada)Voyez comme on danse - Michel
Blanc (French) (France, Italy)Scheme 2 (assistance awarded primarily
on the basis of artistic value)Boccanera - Emanuele Crialese (Italian)
(Italy, France)Le Bruit, l'odeur et quelques étoiles - Eric Pittard
(French) (France, Belgium)Carnages - Delphine Gleize (French) (France,
Belgium, Switzerland, Spain)Les Espérances de feu - Philippe Garel
(French) (France, Netherlands)Kahlekuningas - Arto Koskinen (Finnish)
(Finland, Sweden)Lesni chodci - Ivan Vojnar (Czech) (Czech Republic,
France, Slovakia)Life after Death: my Father - Penny Panagiotopoulou
(Greek) (Greece, Germany)Pier Paolo Pasolini - Laura Betti (Italian)
(France, Italy)Tsatsiki pa liv och död - Eddie Thomas Petersen
(Danish) (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)Willy - The Silent Movie Pianist -
Ilona Ziok (German) (Germany, Czech Republic)Support was
awarded to the following distributors for the films listed
hereafter:BEECK TURTLE (Belgium) El Acordeon del Diablo - Stefan
Schwietert (Swiss)MARIGOLD FILMS (Bulgaria) De L'amour - Jean-Francois
Richet (French)RADIVISION (Bulgaria) Harry, un ami qui vous veut du
bien - Dominique Moll (French)TOP FILMS INTERNATIONAL (Bulgaria)
Lisboa - Antonio Hernandez (Spanish)VADI VAN KRIS LTD (Bulgaria) Le
château des singes - Jean-François Laguionie (French)Flames of
Paradise - Hrafn Gunnlaugsson (Icelandic)
FILM DISTRIBUTION ARTCAM (Czech Republic)Le placard -
Francis Veber (French)BEST HOLLYWOOD (Hungary) Les pactes des Loups -
Christophe Gans (French)ARTHAUS (Norway) Den Bäste sommaren - Ulf
Malmros (Swedish)GUTEK FILM (Poland) Fucking Amal (Show me love) -
Lukas Moodysson (Swedish)INDEPENDENTA FILM (Romania) Le libertin -
Gabriel Aghion (French)ROMANIAFILM (Romania) Bang, Boom, Bang - Peter
Thorwarth (German)S.C. INTERFILM ROM (Romania) Vakvaganyok - Peter
Timar (Hungarian)WALTER NITTNAUS - WN DANUBIUS FILM (Slovakia)Du
poil sous les roses - Agnès Obadia (French)SLOVENSKA KINOTEKA
(Slovenia) Aprile - Nanni Moretti (Italian)AGORA FILMS (Switzerland)
Tout près des étoiles - Nils Tavernier (French)FRENETIC FILMS
(Switzerland) Chaos - Coline Serreau (French)JMH DISTRIBUTIONS
(Switzerland) Les âmes fortes - Raoul Ruiz (French)Liberté Oléron -
Bruno Podalydes (French)XENIX FILMDISTRIBUTION (Switzerland) 101
Reykjavik - Baltasar Kormakur (Icelandic)Comédie de l'innocence -
Raoul Ruiz (French)BELGE FILM SAN. VE TIC (Turkey) Common Wealth -
SIRKETI (Turkey)La fidelité - Andrzej Zulawski (Polish)
EURIMAGES is a support Fund for co-production,
distribution and the exhibition of European cinematographic works,
established by the Council of Europe in 1988 - E-mail : - Web : its establishment, EURIMAGES has supported 803 European
co-productions for a total amount of ? 219 133 559.
EURIMAGES comprises 26 member States: Austria, Belgium,
Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,
Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,
Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,
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