Nu skal filmproduktion også være grøn

Cine Regio præsenterer ny rapport "Sustainability in Vision"

Rapporten "Sustainability in Vision" kortlægger og udforsker muligheden for en grønnere filmproduktion i de forskellige europæiske regioner.

" (...) It signals that the European regional film and audio Visual industry have realised the necessity to take the impact of production on the environment seriously. Couple this with increasing interest from actors and production talent in the green cause, it indicates that the industry is rapidly moving towards a more sustainable way of working."

" (...) The report outlines that it is crucial to benchmark carbon outputs and that there is a need for simplicity to achieve impact in the film and audio-visual industries and to engage and educate the next generation. The contributing Regional Film Agencies agree that here is need to take a unified approach that should be producer led. There is a common need in seeking effective delivery on the ground and that can leverage significant change if they put strategic and practical support elements in place."

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