PLAYER - Game Seminar November 17th 2016


The annual PLAY seminar is back. This year we focus on a key part of game design: The Player.

Is he still a young man or is she by now a middleaged woman? Both – of course – and a lot more. And since we know that people of every demographics play games, it is now time to be more precise about exactly why and how different people play games, how to reach them, and how to address this diversity of players in the game design process.

What motivates people to play your games, and what makes it a meaningful experience for them? What tools can help us understand players better in order to design even more engaging games? Ultimately this might also lead to the discovery of new types of desired gaming experiences and change our overall view on gaming culture.

We have a great line-up of competent people in this field. The speakers are game writer Meg Jayanth, gamer data analyst Nick Yee, game researcher Bob de Schutter and more.

The Play Seminars
The seminar is the 12th annual Play seminar discussing the forefront of game development and gaming culture. It is organized by Creative Europe Denmark, DFI Spilordningen and DADIU, and with support from Interactive Denmark.

Sign-up and more information about the seminar will be available in a few weeks.