European Writers Club: call for writers

The newly founded European Writers Club is inviting and paying 10 European experienced writers to join a network of writers, broadcasters and producers, working together in this new creative experience tailored to boost European creator’s ideas.

The Boosting Ideas session consists of two one-week camps with a month in between, built on the methodology of pre-writing, developed by Le Groupe Ouest.


10 creators/writers are invited along with 10 broadcasters.


2 one-week camps with a month in between.

  • 1st camp 24th - 29th October 2022. Copenhagen/Denmark
  • 2nd camp 5th - 10th December 2022 Tallinn/Estonia.


Because together, we can create stories for a broad European audience.

Who can apply?

The writers must have a proven track record as creator and/or writer of at leastthree episodes on a TV Series which was aired in at minimum of 2 European countries inclusive of the country of origin. The selection process will take into consideration the production capacity of our partnering countries and can make exceptions accordingly.

The writers must be personally recommended by a broadcasting commissioner, one of our EWC partners, producer or fellow writer.

The selected creator/writers shall be physically present in our two one-week camps and be able to work on their idea presentation in between the two camps and following the last camp for the final presentation ready to submit for Boosting Concepts.

How to apply?

  • A video uploaded with the application, where you express your motivation to join the EWC (max. 4 minutes)
  • Your CV/filmography
  • An example of a scene from your previous work (max. 5 pages)
  • A recommendation letter from - in this order of preferences - either/or a broadcaster, streaming services, producer and/or other writers.

About the European Writers Club

The European Writers’ Club (EWC) is a new pilot program, supported by the European Union under their latest initiative called “Writing European”.

EWC aims to spark and facilitate collaboration between creators, writers, broadcasters, and producers of European tv-series to boost creativity and originality and tell stories that transcend to a larger European audience across- borders.

EWC will create a unique European network of industry professionals. By a collective and collaborative process of sharing, exchanging, and getting inspired, EWC will introduce new methods of creating stories and secure fast access to market for the best original ideas, which can capture a large European audience. EWC is all about creative empowerment and building an infrastructure that can compete with those of the global streamers.

EWC is centered around two sessions: boosting ideas is intended for european writers to exchange and meet together with writers and commissioners, explore their creativity and foster new original ideas for tv series.

Some of these ideas will be up for selection for our second session, boosting concepts which will take place in Spring 2023.

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Photo: EWC / Danish Film Institute