Extended call – LIFE PERFECT

Extended open call for applying with a video for the 60Seconds Festival with this years theme LIFE PERFECT. The deadline is set for October 10 2022.

60Seconds Festival screens movies in urban, public spaces, onto walls of buildings on the streets. The audience is people wandering the city. In this sense the festival is an intervention in the city, providing alternative perspectives, ways of seeing, ways of browsing the city, a kind of psychogeography. The 10 best films are projected in urban locations in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør during the festival week. The Jury Prize of 15000DKK, will be awarded to the best film and 8000DKK to the winner of the Audience Award, selected by online voting.


We ask artist to come and share their vision, dreams and thoughts with the audiences wandering the cityscape. Can one living species (human or nature) threat or force another one to disappear for their own survival? At a time when terrible war has broken out in Europe, shortly after a pandemic that hit the entire globe. Can human societies allow themselves to develop at the expense of nature, ecosystems and vulnerable societies? These huge tragedies are unfolding at a time when the world is also facing great crises such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Requirements for video projects

  • 60 seconds / just 1 minute
  • No sound
  • An original film
  • No credits
  • Mp4 - 4:3 aspect ratio / (1280 x 960) Old School