PLAYER - Game Seminar 2016

Thanks again for the participation in the 2016 game seminar Player. In the section "Programme" you'll find the speakers' presentations.

The annual PLAY seminar is back. This year we focus on a key part of game design: The Player.

Is he still a young man or is she by now a middleaged woman? Both – of course – and a lot more. And since we know that people of every demographics play games, it is now time to be more precise about exactly why and how different people play games, how to reach them, and how to address this diversity of players in the game design process. 
What motivates people to play your games, and what makes it a meaningful experience for them? What tools can help us understand players better in order to design even more engaging games? Ultimately this might also lead to the discovery of new types of desired gaming experiences and change our overall view on gaming culture.

We have a great line-up of competent people in this field. The speakers are gamer data analyst Nick Yee, game researcher Bob de Schutter and game designer Mahdi Bahrami, Games Journalist and Communications Specialist Christina Majcher and Associate Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, Anne Mette Thorhauge.

The Play Seminars
The seminar is the 12th annual Play seminar discussing the forefront of game development and gaming culture. It is organized by Creative Europe Denmark, DFI Spilordningen and DADIU, and with support from Interactive Denmark.


How to participate in PLAYER?
The seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis and a limit number of 170 participants. Register online here!

Where: The Cinematheque, Bio Carl, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen
When: November 17th 2016, 9:00-16:30

If you have any questions do contact Maiken Høj,

More than ten years of Play. 
Here are the titles of the ten years of Play. The Play-series name was coined around 2010 after two consecutive seminars with Play in the title. The original intention was to create an annual seminar that should focus on the content of games rather that the production and funding obstacles.  

2005: The Creative Universes of Computer game development 

2006: Independent Games: A challenge for content and creativity

2007: 360˚

2008: Free to play

2009: Play for Free

2010: Users in Play

2011: Play All

2012: Engage and Play

2013: Play Tell

2014: PlayX

2015: Play for Real

2016: Player


Creative Europe Denmark
Ene Katrine Rasmussen

Kristine Ploug

Spilordningen / DFI
Simon Løvind