The Cinematheque’s Corona precautions

The Cinematheque follows the current recommendations and guidelines from the Danish health authorities, and we regularly update the site here in line with developments.




  • You do not need a face mask when you are seated inside the cinema. However, you must wear a face mask at all times standing or walking. 
  • We have regulated the maximum number of guests in the cinema, so there will be an empty seat between you and the other guests. However, you can still buy tickets in groups so you can sit with your partner, your children or other close relations.
  • We regulate the max. number of guests and can still continue to conduct scheduled receptions. This is because we have the opportunity to divide the reception into two different locations. Reservations are made for ongoing changes to the  recommendations.
  • Hand sanitizer and information about recommended behaviour will be available.
  • We are cleaning the hall and door handles between all screenings.
  • If the authorities at some point allow us to increase the maximum number of guests in the cinema, we might have to move already booked seats in the cinema to make room for more. We will, of course, do our best to move seats in the most considerate and appropriate manner.


  • To reduce queues and physical contact in our ticket sales, we encourage you to buy your tickets online from home. The tickets can be displayed directly on your phone when you enter the cinema, so you do not have to print them.
  • We encourage you to follow the health authorities' guidelines: distance, wash or spray hands, cough and sneeze in your sleeve, and keep a reasonable distance from others in our foyer areas, café, etc. Stay home if you have any symptoms of disease.
  • Our practice and recommendations for the audiences are continuously updated here on the website. If you have any questions, please contact the staff.


  • At many of our events, drinks (such as wine and welcome drinks) are consumed while sitting down in the cinema.
  • In Asta Bar (our festival café downstairs) you will have to sit down. Then there is safe distance. And even better: We come and serve for you at the tables!
  • For scheduled talks in Asta Bar, there is only access for guests with a ticket - and we only let guests in until the chairs are occupied.
  • If you stand or walk around anywhere at the Cinematheque you must wear a face mask (can be bought at the ticket sale). 


  • Due to the corona lockdown, all the Cinematheque’s screenings in Gothersgade were cancelled in the period from the 12th of March to the 31th of May.
  • Tickets purchased online have been refunded automatically and the amount has been refunded to the same payment card that was used at the time of purchase.