10 Years of Danish Dogme

Press release31.03.2005
2005 marks the tenth
anniversary of Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg's Dogme 95 manifesto,
prescribing a filmmaking concept, which grew into the most influential
movement in Danish cinema to date.
In celebration of
the anniversary, the Curzon Soho Cinema in London, in collaboration with
the Danish Embassy and the Danish Film Institute, will be showing all of
the ten Danish Dogme films as well as documentaries on the movement and
the people behind it. The event takes place from 1 April - 1 May and will
kick off with "The Celebration" gala opening with guest appearances.

Moreover, the Danish
Film Institute has published a special issue of the FILM magazine and a
website dedicated to the Dogme phenomenon. The magazine features articles
and interviews, as well as actors' profiles and descriptions of the Danish
Dogme films. The website compiles articles, factsheets and press material
creating an overview of the movement.
Special Dogme issue of
FILM (pdf):http://www.dfi.dk/dfi/Artikler/FILM-PDF/Film-dogme/Film-dogme.pdf

DFI Dogme website:http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/filmx/index.asp?pid=22580

Curzon Soho

For further information:
Danish Film Institute:Asbjørn Poulsen, +45 3374 3536, asbjornp@dfi.dkVicki Synnott, +45
3374 3438, vickis@dfi.dk