2003 ... another good year for the Danish cinema industry

Press release02.04.2004
Figures for admissions
to Danish cinemas in 2003 have been released by the national bureau of
statistics: Statistics Denmark. 2003 has been another excellent year for
distributors and cinema-owners.
For the third year
running over 12 million tickets have been sold at the box office, while
over 3 million of these tickets have been sold to Danish films alone.
Admissions to all films in cinemas 2003 reached 12.3 million, Danish films
taking 3.2 million.
Comparing figures for
the three-year period (2001-2003) to the 1990s, when the annual total
averaged 9.9 million for admissions, 1.8 million of these going to Danish
films, this three-year period shows good results and stability.
Only two films brought
in over 500,000 admissions. These were the second and third episodes of
"Lord of the Rings", a USA/New Zealand co-production. Six Danish films
appear on the Top Twenty chart with three on the Top Ten: Zentropa and Per
Fly's "Inheritance" which sold 374,000 tickets, Regner Grasten and
Charlotte Sachs Bostrup's "Anja After Viktor" selling 346,000 tickets, and
Crone and Giacomo Campeotto's children's film "Nasty Brats" selling
Danish population: 5,4
Top Twenty
Films 2002 - 2003 http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/generelle_moduler/fb/index.asp?pid=16240All
Films Screened 2003 (title, country, number of admissions)http://www.dfi.dk/dfi/statistik_&_tal/allefilm2003.xls
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